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Sponsorship includes all food and lodging, activities, travel to and from the airport and retreat.



Cost does NOT INCLUDE- fishing, airfare, bus or train fare. All Donations big and small make a difference in supporting our women veterans!

$500.00 - 4 nights 1 woman veteran

$1,000.00 - 4 nights 2 woman veterans

$1,500.00 - 4 nights 3 woman veterans

$2,000.00 - 4 nights 4 woman veterans

$2,500.00 - 4 nights 5 woman veterans

$10,000.00 - 4 nights 20 woman veterans

$17,500.00 - 5 Nights 35 Woman Veterans

$28,125.00 - 5 Nights 45 Woman Veterans


Even $1 makes a difference in our mission

to support our American Heroes!


* With generous Donations we can start Funding the flights for these honorable Veterans for their travel*



THANK YOU for your interest in supporting women veteran's glamping & the American Heroes we serve.

​Many individuals have indicated a willingness to

support the mission by way of purchasing things needed on our retreats. 


​Here you'll find a list of a few of the items on our

Wish List which will improve the experience for our military women, and also the program as a whole. 

​With your help we can continue offering healing retreats to the women 

that have served and sacrificed so much for our freedom!


​Perhaps you have contacts who may be able to assist, are willing to organize a fundraiser, or simply can spread the word. We appreciate any and all willing to support our organization with the greater mission in mind - HELPING SAVE LIVES.

​If you have any questions please reach out to us!

THANK YOU for your continued support.

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