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The dragonfly is our symbol of dedication, beauty, honor, courage, love, and selflessness.


Women Veteran's Glamping focuses on providing a space for women veterans to come together and bond . The Maine woods provide the perfect atmosphere to relax, recharge and connect. Our loving mascot black lab Willow Grace is found at most of the retreats. She has been Bangor Troop Greeting for 4 yrs. Her gentle and sweet disposition helps Veterans with relaxing, love and healing. Willow is often found napping or swimming at events. The state of Maine is filled with an abundance of outdoor related activities, and great facilities for the Glamping.


Maine Forest Yurts have been amazing to us, and become good friends. This is where we have hosted many of the glamping retreats to date. Thanks to our growth, we're looking to collaborate with other organizations in Maine for the coming summer.

We have added a private campground in Naples to our locations for Glamping.


President: Nichole Jordan

Nichole Jordan founded Maine Women Veterans Weekend Getaway Glamping Trips in 2019. In 2021 they offically changed names to Women Veteran's Glamping.

Nichole served her country in the US Army at Ft Hood, TX. She was a SPC and operated heavy equipment. After leaving the military, Nichole felt incomplete. Her two children were grown and she found she now had the opportunity and time to reconnect with her military sisters. It was time to GIVE BACK. The sacrifice and hardships she had been through have made her more determined than ever to make the best of life for herself and for others. 

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Meet the Team

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